Learn how to contract Good Finance Microcredit

Good Finance offers one of the largest operations of Productive Oriented Microcredit among other private banks in Brazil. Understand what Good Finance Microcredit is and how to contract this service.

People with small businesses such as seamstresses, key chains, beauty salons, bars, cosmetics retailers, mini markets, for example, can apply for a Good Finance Microcredit, which is a simple credit and intended for those who earn up to $ 120,000 per year.

How Good Finance Microcredit Works

How Good Finance Microcredit Works

Microcredit is a small value loan for individuals or companies, with formal or informal activity, used to finance productive activities such as renovations, extensions, acquisition of assets, besides the use in cash flow (working capital).

Good Finance’s microcredit is not a common credit, it is a Product Oriented Microcredit, that is, with consultancy, where the loan officer guides the entrepreneur throughout the loan process for his business.

Credit Agents go to the customer and help define the best strategy for each business. It is a totally personalized service, focused on the best management of your business, in the most efficient way.

A very interesting thing is that often the loan officer can be a resident of the community itself, a person who knows the place well and who accompanies the entrepreneur throughout the microcredit contract.

Conditions for contracting microcredit of Good Finance


To contract the microcredit of Good Finance is not necessary to be an account holder of the institution, however, the operation will be subject to credit analysis and other product conditions at the time of contracting.

In order to know the Total Effective Cost (CET) and the effective annual interest rate of your operation, you should go to a Good Finance branch and consult a loan officer, as they may vary depending on the conditions of the contracted transaction.

Deadlines for payment of Good Finance Microcredit


Banco Good Finance provides a loan of R $ 500 to R $ 15,000 with lower interest rates than competitors, ranging from 2% to 4%, and the term to repay the loan is 4 to 24 months.

The Bank charges a credit opening fee of 2% to 3% of the credit amount, which can be consulted via the internet. However, there is no Financial Operation Tax (IOF) levy.

The guarantee is given by the Good Finance Solidarity Group, which is a group solidarity support formed by the union of 3 to 4 entrepreneurs who jointly and severally assume responsibility for the payment of the loan installments in the event of default by the microcredit contractor.

To borrow Good Finance microcredit, you just have to go to the branch and apply for the loan with the loan officer. If your credit is approved, this may be the ideal opportunity for you to increase your production, renew your business and win even more customers.

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